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BEDA #16 Diadermine + Garnier

I've came across this two products on my last trip and I decided to try them out. I definitely recommend both of them. I was so surprised by they effectiveness that I stared at my face for a couple of minutes. I exfoliated my face with my regular product, than I used the Garnier mask… Continue reading BEDA #16 Diadermine + Garnier

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BEDA #12 My favorite movie

It's a romance made in 1980, in which the kids live in a hut they made that looks like a Club Med honeymoon cottage. This movie made me cry, smile and laugh. It's about a young girl and a young boy who are shipwrecked on a beautiful Pacific Island. It shows how they grow up… Continue reading BEDA #12 My favorite movie


Bed Head by TIGI Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner – Review

I'll have to say that I am very surprised! It's amazing how fast you feel the positive effects. Bed Head by TIGI Elasticate Shampoo is a light green shampoo with tiny shimmer particles. Its consistency is thinner than usual shampoos. It has a very fresh apple fragrance which I really love. It really cleans the hair and scalp… Continue reading Bed Head by TIGI Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner – Review