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Pray for Portugal 🙏

Unfortunately this last weekend was one of the worst we had 😔

This park had centuries and it was part of our Nacional patrimony 80% was burned in just a few minutes! It will take 10 years or more to recover from this tragic loss.

Hundreds lost their homes and everything they built in a lifetime, lost their loved one’s, dignity, hope…this is too sad for me to even try to describe.

Let us all pray for who’s suffering right now! 🙏

I can’t imagine how hard must be for those who are living this reality and the government doesn’t do their jobs right. This is an absurd! It’s ridiculous!




5 thoughts on “Pray for Portugal 🙏

    1. Everytime I see videos and on the news it literally makes me cry. I see people suffering! I could be my father over there! People work their life’s and everything just vanish in a couple of minutes 😢 it’s not fair


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