weekly post

Weekly post #1 September

Hey guys 💛

This past week was OK. The weather really changed and it really feels like the summer has come to an end. It finish. It’s raining, it’s a bit more cold now. 😢 (please bring back the summer).

In order to make us feel better someone was distributing flowers in the main train station in Zürich. How cool is that? I was really surprised and glad to see this little gesture.

Uhhh I’ve also tried this limited edition of snickers, I have never seen it and it’s delicious. Well I guess for those who live peanut butter this is a real treat 😍😍 😍 I usually eat peanut butter with slices of banana and it’s a really good snack (although it has a lot of calories).

I was also dying to try out this hair products for a while now and I found them 50%off how lucky was I?

How was your week? Is the summer still alive where you live?


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