BEDA #13 Picture of today’s sunrise


8 thoughts on “BEDA #13 Picture of today’s sunrise

  1. Nice sunrise. But the best part, for me, is the emptiness of the street…
    Remember me when I used to walk by Curitiba’s downtown sunday mornings… The silence, the evidence of the night life left behind…

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      1. lol. Before, I always liked to awake early. Now, with a kid of 5 at home, It seems that I never sleep enough… haha
        But wow… Having to be up and already in the street at 6… Oh my… lol

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      2. Oh God I can understand, but I’ve always be like this since I was a kid. My mom always says I was lazy before I was born 😂I stayed days without moving (she was so scared she went to the hospital) and I was fine I was just sleeping… The doctor had to make a loud noise with a horn near my mom’s belly to wake me up 😂😂😂

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      3. hahahaha. I was born two weeks after the time… xD And my mom used to say I born only because the doctor said to me “if you don’t born until tomorrow, we will have to take you aout using brute force!”. And I was born. haha Lasyness is a problem… xD But I always liked to go to the bed early and wake up early 🙂 And doing exercises help a lot also 🙂

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      4. C – section over here and about a week after 😂 4kgs and 50,5cm big, chubby and sleepy baby.
        I work better at night, but for 2 years now I rather sleep early and wake up a bit earlier… People can change… sometimes 🙈

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      5. Yes. People always can change. In fact, I think everybody changes until we are dead. What we can’t do id change someone else. And sometimes, not even our changes we control. Always, maybe 🙂

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