BEDA #8 Wish anything at 11:11?

Heyyy guys 💛

Do you know what are the rules of wishing at 11:11? Do wishes at 11:11 come true?

Some people believe that there’s some sort of spiritual connotation that went along with the numbers 11:11.

There’s so many different theories out there to explain what this phenomenon is all about.

The most common theory holds that when you see these numbers you should simply make a wish.

I usually ask for good things to happen to the people I love and care about, and I wish that the negative people that cross my life find peace and some sort of enlightening.

I have never asked anything for myself. I’ve started doing this on my birthdays too, when I blow the candles.

What about you? Do you wish at 11:11? Or do you believe these numbers mean something else?


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