BEDA #7 6 Turn on’s and offs

Heyyy guys 💛

When I choose people that I want in my life and around me I tend to give a lot of importance on their character (or lack of it).

Turn ons for me is what makes me look forward to seeing this person. Enjoying doing different things. Truly appreciate their presence in my life. Turn offs will basically make me not want to be around that person a lot or depending on what it is it will simply make me not want to do anything at all.

Turn on:

  • Being honest and real
  • Being kind and trustful
  • Determination
  • Intelligence
  • Being mature
  • And the more important thing being yourself

Turn off:

  • Lies
  • Being a negative person
  • Having no sense of humour
  • Being too cocky
  • Being selfish
  • Too indecisive

So what’s your turn on’s and offs? Please let me know.


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