BEDA #5 My 5 current goals

Heyyy guys 💛

As you know I’m a big fan of the vision board and I truly believe that if you are organized and focused it’s so much easier to reach your goals.

I met a lot of people that tried to build they own vision board, but they weren’t realist about the goals.

If you pick goals that are too hard to get it won’t work out, because you’ll get frustrated and if you pick goals that are too easy you’ll be bored. Just find in your own way SMART GOALS, take your time when you are choosing.

I usually pick yearly goals and every month I finish at least something out of my list.

So my current goals are :

  • I want to be able to fluently speak Italian on the next couple of months
  • Finally find a new house and obviously turn it into a home
  • Get my healthy eating habits back on track
  • Start exercising more frequently
  • Organize my new routine so that I spend more quality time with my partner


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