BEDA #2 The true meaning behind the name of my blog

Hey guys! 💛

I wanted to make this post for a while now, but I didn’t had the chance before. The reason I picked plaindebbie for the name of my blog, it’s more simple than anyone can really imagine.

My name it’s Débora, but a few of my friends call me Debbie and basically I added the word plain to my nickname. I’m a very simple girl and I feel like that’s how life should be…Anyone that truly knows will say that this name it’s just the perfect name for my blog, because it truly shows who I am.

About the content of my blog I kind of talk about what I think or feel at the moment and sometimes I change how I feel about things, since I’m still trying to find myself and what’s the purpose of life itself. Here I can share my struggles and my thoughts with you guys. I’ve learned so much about other cultures and other countries. I’m really thankful for this blogging community.


13 thoughts on “BEDA #2 The true meaning behind the name of my blog

    1. O BEDA vai ser um desafio enorme, porque estou a trabalhar imenso este mês e nas folgas devo dar uma volta fora do país,mas tô na luta para não falhar um post 😀 beijinhos


    1. Thank you very much, I’ve just been on your blog a few minutes ago. I love the cover of the last book you’ e read 😍 I’ve only seen the movie so far, now I just need to find it and buy.


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