BEDA#1 Day – 20 Facts about me

20 Facts about me

  1. I don’t like iced cream, basically I only eat sorbet from time to time.
  2. I was born in December, but summer it’s my favorite season of the year
  3. I really hated maths in high school
  4. I don’t have a pet
  5. I live with my boyfriend (almost 4y)
  6. I hate being late for anything
  7. I used to be late for everything when I was younger (ironically)
  8. I miss riding horses
  9. I’m a very sweet person and it’s really hard for me to get upset with anybody, but once I’m there there’s no turning back
  10. It’s easy to make me laugh or smile
  11. I’m always singing (when I’m alone)
  12. I hate taking selfies
  13. The only thing I don’t like about Switzerland it’s the fact that we don’t have a beach here
  14. In the morning the only thing I can have it’s coffee (double espresso)
  15. I hate being around people who only complain and are never happy
  16. I can be brutally honest (without meaning to be rude)
  17. It’s hard for me to say no to people ( but I’m getting better at that)
  18. I hate jogging
  19. I love reading books
  20. I’m addicted to pizza (unfortunately I could really eat it every single day)

Hey guys!
This was really fun for me to do, if you have any questions you would like me to answer feel free, I’ll be more than glad to answer them.



28 thoughts on “BEDA#1 Day – 20 Facts about me

  1. I came here because I just posted my first blog post and I was looking for some more inspiration, only I have now realised that me and you are very very similar Haha what are the chances! My blog //

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    1. Ele sabe fazer pizza tradicional italiana de raiz, opa nem te vou dizer a diferença que é 😂 pior coisa que eu fiz na minha vida foi ter provado isso Ahahah tive no Porto pela primeira vez à pouco tempo quando fui a Portugal, experimentei as melhores bifanas do Porto e eram mesmo muito boas 😍

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      1. Eu dava-te de boa vontade 10cm que para encontrar calças é o fim e na casa da minha avó sempre que é para trocar lâmpadas ou mexer no cimo dos móveis chamam-me como se fosse um homem 😂

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