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Weekly post #4w July

Hey everyone 💛

This week was extremely busy for me. I’ve just started my new job so I’ve been crazy tired, but very happy. I’m still getting to know everyone, but I’m very pleased everybody has been so nice to me.

Working in the center of Zürich has it’s perks, I’ve been able to spend my breaks watching the swans and ducks swimming in the lake. The weather here it’s not amazing this summer, but you do what you got to do to still enjoy it.

I’ve been taking some pictures during the week and I’ll be making my weekly post every Sunday.

I’ve also joined a Portuguese blogging community and I’m amazed. People there are so helpful. We exchange ideas, we support each other and I think nowadays people tend to be very selfish, so that’s just like getting some fresh air.


4 thoughts on “Weekly post #4w July

    1. Awww thank you so much, I had a really busy week, but I got to do a lot of fun things aswell. This week I already took so many pictures 😂hopefully I’ll pick the right one’s to show you ❤️


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