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Looking for a new house 🏡 

Hey guys 💛

Looking for a house can be a very hard job, but I specially when you don’t know where’s the best place for you.

I’ve been struggling a little to decide just what I need, me and my partner can’t really decide on the size of the house and the specific location. Here in Switzerland things work in a very special way.

  • You need a certain to have a certain number of areas to be able to move in with your partner.
  • You need to make 3 times more the value of the rent
  • You have to deliver a document that proves that you didn’t have any problems here in Switzerland (you pay for that obviously)
  • You have to be legal in the country and to have a job contract to prove that you have an income and you can pay the rent
  • You need salary receipts
  • If your moving from a house to another the company that you were renting from needs to provide you a recommendation letter

You think it’s just this? Noooo of course after all this there’s a few more things that need to be taken in consideration.

So after you collect all that you need to fill up a form and pray 😂

The house goes to a concourse and if someone makes more money than you they get the house, if they have a “better document than you they get the house… And so on. You get the idea.

Wish me luck 🤞


13 thoughts on “Looking for a new house 🏡 

  1. Omg earn three times more than the rent?! Here in London no one could earn much more than the rent it’s so high. It’s so hard to know where to live etc. Me and my partner are having the same issues. So good luck😊 xx

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    1. I know, but the rent in London can be extremely high I lived there for a year. It’s too much for what the house actually was worth. Thank you so much I wish you the same ❤️


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