Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle update 

Hey guys 💛

I wanted to be very honest about this update. Lately I haven’t really been behaving how I should 🙈 I was doing just fine, but everytime I go back to Portugal I just feel like eating everything that I was missing there.

I’ll probably get back to a healthier routine, but all I can say is that I loved every second of my trip and it was totally worth it. Ahah not a very nice statement, but at least I’m being completely honest about it.


14 thoughts on “Healthy lifestyle update 

  1. Alo !!! Encontrei agora o teu blog no reader do WordPress! Bem babei com esse sushi !! Que saudades. Aqui na Suíça também há alguns bons, mas nada como ir ao sushi, em Portugal, com amigos!! Adorei o teu blog! Uma beijoca 😘😍

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      1. Mesmo mesmo !!! Isso é verdade. Deve ser por estarmos habituadas já (e o peixe deve ser bem mais fresco) 😍☺️ estou no cantão Vaud, aqui perto de Montreux !! E tu? Pode ser que nos cruzemos um dia 😜

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