Waldshut-tiegen, Germany 🇩🇪 

Hey everyone 💛

I came back to Waldshut-tiegen in Germany a few days ago and I completely forgot my phone at home, so I asked my boo to take a few pictures of our trip. This is all I got from him 😂

We’ve actually discover a new part of this city this time, it’s like and old cute little street and it’s full of restaurants and small street shops. If you ever go there try the ice-cream in a place that’s in front of C&A, it’s called Mona Lisa and they have amazing ice creams. I meet the cutest couple of older Italians and I think they serve the tradicional Italian ice-cream and it’s super cheap and extremely tasty. I’ve tried the lemon and the mango, guy tried stracciatella and the summer flavour mix.
The sushi I wanted to try, guess what? It was closed on that day… I swear to you it’s not meant to be 😂

We had an amazing day it was very hot, but not too sunny. Someone got too excited with the chocolats over there 🙈


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