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Learning German 🇩🇪 I’m struggling 

I don’t know if you realize by now that I’m living in the German side of Switzerland 🇨🇭. I’ve been studying Suisse German and I’ve been struggling a little bit with it.

I’m trying all the tricks everyone has been saying to me, but the struggle is real.

  • Watching Disney movies that I know by heart in German
  • Trying to learn 3 different words every single day
  • Watching German and Suisse TV shows (with German subtitles)
  • Reading my book as many times as I possibly can ( a few pages everyday)
  • Listening to German music

Do you have any cool trick that will help me?

So far I know portuguese obviously, Spanish, French, I can understand Italian perfectly and Spanish. I never had to study so hard to learn something in my life.


26 thoughts on “Learning German 🇩🇪 I’m struggling 

  1. I just started learning German literally a week ago and I am learning from YouTube lessons (which are free and really good), using language apps and listening to German music. What are some good German shows you watch?

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    1. I’m finally understanding the basic, I can have a small conversation if people keep everything very Simple. On the other hand I’m learning Spanish and Italian a getting without studying 😂 life can be so funny sometimes

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  2. I think learning new words every day is good. It’s just practice, practice and practice. I have been learning Mandarin for nearly ten years. Still find it difficult. But if you have a passion for the language I think it’s easier.

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  3. Some say if there’s a will there’s a way and I thought that was my motto too until I studied the German language way back in New Zealand (my hometown) in preparation to converse with my hubby’s families in Zurich & Bern. I agree with you.. seems hard haha! So, in short, I lost it now that I am living in another Country with the family. Guess I’ll try the good old Youtube as one of my classmates did back then.

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  4. I took four years of German in high school and I thought it was a bit challenging lol. What helped me was the word order, I forgot it already, I think it SVO, but it helped a lot to learn the structure first since sometimes it’s different than English and Spanish.

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      1. But in Germany it’s no different in Bayern other everything in Saxony and Hamburg all
        Saying this is German speaking,, it’s easy who’s going to join the online free course, it helps.
        And where a will is a Zurich must give something. (school) Much love greetings and many success for your before.

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  5. I understand. I have been learning German in school. I also use Duolingo app and YouTube channels. I watch learn German with Ania on YouTube. All of these things have been helping. Most importantly I need to start speaking more.

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  6. ahh I can imagine learning German is soo incredibly hard! But you’ve done amazingly well with all those other languages so 100% I know you’ll get German eventually!! I have faith in you haha!! xxx

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