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We finally won Eurovision !!!! 🇵🇹 

I’m so proud of him! Yesterday we won the Eurovision for the first time ever, thanks to him!

The song is simply beautiful! I know he’s a bit odd, but that’s ok (who isn’t, anyways). I love the message he passes. Being yourself it’s the only thing that is ever going to make you truly happy. The rest of the world is going have to learn how to deal with you.
Thank you for setting a good example and thank you for being the only one that truly felt what you were singing yesterday 💞 Amar pelos dois – it’s the best song I’ve heard in a long time.


6 thoughts on “We finally won Eurovision !!!! 🇵🇹 

  1. I have a Portuguese American friend here and I wonder if she knows about the Eurovision. I will let her know. Yes, I saw a bit of it as it has been advertised here while watching Euronews.

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    1. Ahahah eu fiquei emocionada ontem. Especialmente porque foi o único que foi genuíno ali. Espero que o problema de saúde dele seja resolvido rápido para o ouvir cantar por muitos e muitos anos.


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