Waldshut-tiegen,  Germany 🇩🇪 

Sorry that lately I haven’t been able to post like I usually do.

Yesterday I went to Germany with my boo, this time we went to Waldshut-tiegen,  we took the train in Baden (Switzerland 🇨🇭) and it was pretty fast to get there, I think it was around 30 minutes, maybe a little bit less. My phone died and I didn’t get the chance to take pictures, but I’ll probably go back next month 😢 and I’ll take advantage of the train ride. We pass by true natural beauty, a lot of green gorgeous 🌲, I saw cows and baby cows they looked so big and scary. The river is gorgeous, we noticed there’s a community pool maybe we get to visit it in the summer. The view it’s to die for.

We went there to do some shopping, enjoy a nice meal and get back home. Unfortunately I only noticed they had a sushi place right after we had our lunch 😯 so next month we’ll visit that restaurant too. I’ll take loads of pictures. I’ve been craving sushi for months, I was a bit upset, but we’ll what can I do?next time I’ll definitely be there.

We visited DM and Kaufland, I had to get a few things for our house and for myself. I manage to buy some makeup. I finally got the Maybelline foundation, I have two different one’s (one from rituals cosmetics and the other one from l’oréal). I’ll make a post soon as I try it out and find out the difference.

Thank you for supporting and following me. Is there a cool place to go to next time I visit this city? Please let me know. I usually go there just to get stuff for my home I don’t know a lot of cool places to visit there.


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