Asian market in Zürich – part 5 (last part) 

In the end of the tour I found these cool magazines that I have no idea what’s written on them, they look cute though.

First time I ever seen duck eggs for sale I wonder how they taste, have any of you ever tried this? Can you compare with chicken eggs?

I found more fruit in cans, I actually got a few cause I’ve never seen them for sale. Soon as I try them I’ll show how they look like.

I really enjoy this market I’m sorry for the pictures, but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take so many pictures and some look terrible. Hope you guys enjoyed this market tour as much as I did.


5 thoughts on “Asian market in Zürich – part 5 (last part) 

  1. FYI… duck eggs are more delicious than chicken eggs and they’re bigger. Pls.note the coloured duck eggs, if they have, means it is salted (it has a processed originally centuries old fashioned way of making it). Some of the mags are written either in Thai or Indian. Interesting to find some Asian stores as hubby told me a long time ago not many Asians are wandering around Switzerland haha!

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