Asian market in Zürich – part 2

Anyone that knows me knows that I love fruit 😍😍😍 the variety of exotic fruits it’s stunning! The had coconuts, bitter mango, different type of bananas, and Pitaya.

The fruit looked very fresh and the fragrance was really good and strong.

I’m so glad boo took me there, I’ll be regular costumer, that for sure.

Do you guys like exotic fruits as much as me? Have you tried any of these?


6 thoughts on “Asian market in Zürich – part 2

  1. There are 2 types of Dragon fruits, white and redish colour. I have tried both in 2 different countries but find the reddish colour ones are sweeter. The banana on your photo is famous for “banana Q” it is on a stick fried with brown sugar can be found in the Philippines and perhaps some places in Bangkok too. It is my fave. Of course, everybody should know about coconut juice. It is good for your tummy especially if you are hungry and no other food around but this. The other two photos I am not sure as they have so many look alikes so will not comment about them haha!

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    1. I like sweet mango, but I have no idea how would be nice to eat a bitter mango 😂 sounds weird ahah
      My mom is from Africa and they usually eat it with a pinch of salt on top of the sweet mango.

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