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Cool gifts 🎁

My boyfriend gave me two new tops and I have to say he knows what to pick 😍

Maybe there’s a message behind the aliens, but let’s pretend I didn’t realize that 😂😱 they really are pretty cool and comfortable. I’ve always wondered how he can guess my size everytime he picks something for me when I basically can’t seem to get that right. He knows me better than myself sometimes and that is amazing, makes me feel like he really listens and takes time with me.

I always struggle when I have to get gifts for someone, because I really want to pick something that makes people happy and smile. How about you? Any cool gifts you got lately?


7 thoughts on “Cool gifts 🎁

  1. The pink one is my favorite. You do have an amazing boyfriend. Mr.R is really good at picking gifts for me as well. The last thing he gave was a succulent and a pretty set of mugs. I just love when he comes home with something for me, when I’m not expecting it!

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    1. He gave me yesterday a couple of books 😍😍😍 and arancinis that I was craving for months and I couldn’t just find. I’m super lucky he’s my best friend I never thought I would be able to find someone like him. I try to pick good gifts or make cool surprises, but he always tops me

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