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10 Things you Learn when Living With Portuguese Women

I had a lot of fun reading this article , it’s so accurate that it’s scary. She’s too funny and it’s worth following her blog.
Originally by Kayla Baretta

1. Every recipe should contain onions at some point

Making rice? Fry some onions first. Pasta? Same deal. If you want to eat it for dinner, you better throw in some onions.

2. Your shoes are ugly and cost less in Portugal

Seriously. Your shoes probably smell like rubber. That means they are bad quality. Your shoes aren’t sexy with that outfit. Don’t wear those. They don’t make your calves look nice. I could buy those for 5 euros in Portugal.

3. They actually conquered lots of shit or something like that

Portugal was an empire! A big one. We discovered more than Brazil – we promise! Those British just stole our glory from us.

4. If you want to go to the beach, go to Portugal

We have 3 of the best beaches in the world. In the world. Why don’t they teach you these things in school.

5. Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world

We understand Italian, French, and Spanish. It is just because they are all like Portuguese. Brazilians – they speak cute Portuguese. It is only funny if you speak Portuguese.

6. Walking too fast is rude

You are walking too fast. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Slow down. It is rude to walk in front of me, walk beside me.

7. The play-by-play is required

Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you texting? What are you cooking?

8. Hair Conditioner and Air Conditioner are pronounced the same

We just don’t pronounce the “H”. The author would here like to point out that if you say you bought “air” conditioner and you mean hair conditioner, English native speakers will be very very confused.

9. It’s Lisboa

Not Lisbon. Lish-bow-ah. Say the city properly.

10. Pastries are better and more proliferous in Portugal

You will walk into a shop and the walls will be lined with pastries and they all cost like 50 cents. O you get a coffee with this too and not like this North American watered down thing, real coffee. 


27 thoughts on “10 Things you Learn when Living With Portuguese Women

  1. I was never in Lisboa but I should go there. I only was at the Algarve once in a while. Nevertheless I tasted the dishes of José Avillez just 2 days ago in Salzburg at the “Ikarus”-Restaurant and I saw the film when they walked through the streets and market of Lisboa . They say they have the best fish of the world in Portugal because of the nourishing and cold water of the Atlantic. So I can imagine myself enyoing life in Portugal.
    best regards Christian from Vienna, Austria

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    1. That’s amazing 😍 you should really visit Lisbon it’s something else you know? You get beach, amazing restaurants, best casinos, beautiful golf clubs, museums and so on. It’s really the best city 💙

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      1. haha, yes I think there are certain things people do that connect them. It’s a national p ride. I mean, there are things that Vietnamese people do that somehow makes you know immediately, yup he’s Vietnamese haha! My Boyfriend definitely agrees with 7 of the 10 quotes here above concerning his colleague. The rest he wasn’t sure… xoxo Sarah

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