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Basically in the last few days I’ve been experiencing insomnia. I can’t get any sleep during the night and during the day I feel like crap. I’ve tried camomile tea at night and warm showers, but so far it’s not working. To make it work sometimes I drink coffee during the day, but I drink just one in the morning, maybe a second one if I really feel exhausted.

I was doing some research on Google and it’s just a lot of information that simply doesn’t adjust to my case.
Does any of you have really natural and good tips for me? That would be amazing.

I get a bit moody and cranky when I don’t sleep, sort of like a toddler…I desperately need help or someone will eventually kill me 😂


16 thoughts on “Insomnia 

  1. I read a study once that not moving at all forces the body to sleep – unless there’s an underlying disease. Personally, I don’t have a 100% success record, but lying in bed for fifteen minutes usually does the trick.

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  2. Try getting off all of your electronics at least an hour before bed! I know it’s boring and not fun to not be browsing social media, but the blue light actually has the same effect as caffeine on your body and it wakes you up. Another thing to try is not being in your bedroom or not lying in your bed until bedtime, it trains your body that the bed is meant for sleeping! I hope things resolve!

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    1. Yes that’s absolutely true, but today I was in bed watching TV cause it was snowing 😰 I don’t understand how the weather changed so suddenly, but the cold weather always makes me feel sleepy, I’m sure I’ll sleep this night 😍😍😍

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  3. I don’t have this issue myself… But my mom and brother also suffer from this. Maybe you indeed need to try to stay away from social media before going to bed, but instead read a nice book. I’m also very sensitive to coffee and tea, so I usually don’t drink this in the afternoon. Last year, I was also very stressed due to my work and then I’d wake up in the middle of the night with palpitations… I found that writing about it helped me relax and get it in perspective… xoxo Sarah

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  4. I too have the same problem and feel the same way as u of my friend suggested to avoid taking coffee or tea after 2:00pm.also try not to nap in the atfernoon not more than half an hour.take a spoon of honey before going to bed.

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    1. I’ll try the honey, never thought of that. I usually just drink coffee in the morning. Maybe it’s a hormonal thing, since I stopped taking the pills I’ve been experiencing weird things, it could be my body adjusting.

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  5. I have had a bit of this too. In my case, my sleep patterns ended up rather erratic as a result!.
    However, for normal people, the general consensus seems to be that these things help:

    – regular exercise
    – cut down on caffeine before bedtime
    – don’t use bright screens before bedtime
    – you need minimal noise and light(blackout curtains, double-glazing)
    – reading a book can help

    I know some people either listen to classical music or one of those nature sounds tapes(there’s loads on youtube like rainfall, whale song, rainforest sounds).

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    1. You’re probably right I do check my Facebook before I sleep, maybe that’s not really helping. Regarding the calm music I know a few ones that I use when I meditate. Perhaps I just need to go back to the gym. I’ve actually been missing. Never thought I would say this in my life.

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      1. Well, you are in very good company on that front. I always look at a screen last thing! That checking behaviour is horribly addictive.
        It’s damned hard to balance all these things – work, gym, hobbies, social, family. Unless you’re one of those annoying hyperactive always happy people, it’s impossible really. Something has to give in the end. Ah you’ll figure the sleep out in the end. We are adaptive souls.

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