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Hot days in Switzerland 🇨🇭 

Lately the weather here is so warm and ☀ that being outside is a must. You can find pretty flowers and happy people everywhere. I’m starting to get that weird tan because I’m wearing t-shirts and tops, it’s to be awkward when I’ll finally use my bikini 😂 but I don’t care it feels amazing. Vitamin D! How’s the weather where you live?


12 thoughts on “Hot days in Switzerland 🇨🇭 

  1. We always come and visit the family in Zurich every summer so I haven’t experienced colder weather. It is indeed more beautiful in Summer. To where I am now… in the desert it is starting to get hot and humid 😦 but we get used to it somehow that even having less than 30degree Celsius it feels cold sometimes depends on where the wind blows haha!

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  2. So happy to hear it’s sunny where you are! Brighton was suuuuper sunny lately too! I literally got a sunburn on my face… in England, the land of rain! I never thought that could happen to me hahah
    I’ve come back to Italy now and it’s really warm and sunny but it’s gonna rain tomorrow 😦

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