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This is so upseting and disrespectful! 

I wasn’t really sure if I should say something about all this f*ck up situations that happened on the last few days. I just don’t get why people need to treat others with no respect. Actually threaten and assault them. I don’t think anyone can justify what the f*ck happened, because there’s simply no excuse for this behavior. I imagine if this happened to my father or a close friend or if happened in front of me when I was going somewhere or back home,  I would go crazy on those securities I don’t even care, in this situation there wasn’t a valid reason to do that. Image if there were any kids on that flight. This was so freaking disturbing!

The other thing I don’t get it’s Trump’s tweets, he just doesn’t know when to stop doing Sh*t and spread hate. Gambling people’s life’s like that, like he was ordering food over the phone. This is just wrong.

It’s so wrong how fast everything is going down!


4 thoughts on “This is so upseting and disrespectful! 

  1. As stupidly wrong that business on the airplane was, there is a bit of encouragement in the public and social media reaction to it, the immediate calling out in response to the video. Millions of ordinary people do know right from wrong and said so, and continue to say so. That give me some bit of hope that the technology so often used to spread ugliness and hate can also go the other way. As for “T”, some adult needs to take away his toy phone and send him to his room for a time out.

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    1. Yes that’s absolutely true, there’s still hope, I just wish they didn’t need millions of people complaining to actually say sorry. I don’t think they really regret what happened they just wish it didn’t go viral. That means they’ll loose money. That’s just all about the money.

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      1. Sometimes that’s the only way, but at least there’s a way and now we have way more control, we need to be a little bit more united and fight for our rights. They need our money to succeed, so we can make them listen to us if we want.

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