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I’ve got big plans

I’m so excited about this! Hopefully it will go as planned and soon I’ll be able to share it with you guys. How is your week going? Are you making any cool plans too? xxx


19 thoughts on “I’ve got big plans

  1. Oh Switzerland! I’ve never visited but I would love to. Time to start saving 😉 Funny episode involving you and the swans! The park animals in London really aren’t scared of us. Especially the squirrels! I imagine your encounter with the hungry swans must have been in Hyde Park by the Serpentine Lake. Don’t worry, I imagine a lot of people have the same idea as you taking their picnics by the lake. You’re not the only one!

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    1. Yes everything it’s quite expensive over here, but it’s gorgeous! I’ve made posts about a few places I visited here. Well I guess you’re absolutely right about that, but I actually hate birds, well I don’t hate them I just don’t like being around them simply because they’re weird. First time I was attacked I was only 4y and I remember every single thing about that day. At least know I’m able to maintain my poker face and I’m quite big so they usually don’t come too close.

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      1. Yes, it can be expensive but there’s also a lot of cheap things to do in London if you know where to look 😉 I’ve noticed a lot of people’s fear come from a moment when they were young. I, for one, am afraid of the ocean and terrified of snails 😂 You’ve done well to face your fears 🙂

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      2. I was talking about Switzerland, but that’s a lot of free things to do (street parade parade and zurifest) 🙈 it’s going to sound so bad, but in Portugal we eat snails and they taste so good

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      1. I know I have seen my friends pictures on Facebook, the weather it’s pretty awesome over there. Unfortunately when I lived in London last year I wasn’t so lucky, so enjoy the sun get some vitamin D and do loads of outdoor things. I miss Hyde Park so badly 😍

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      2. Oh, I thought you lived in London! Where are you in this world? Hopefully, you’ll get better weather when you’re here 🙂 Do you have plans to visit again? Hyde Park is great but I actually prefer Greenwich Park 😉

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      3. Well at the moment I’m in Switzerland and I love it. Yes of course I want to visit I’ve been thinking about going there for a weekend soon. That one is the one that has scary ducks, swans and some other crazy birds? I had the stupidest idea ever. I asked my boyfriend to try out the all picnic thing and I wanted to do it really close to the little lake or whatever that was and I guess the birds were hungry… I don’t need to tell the rest you can image what happened 😂

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