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Spring is finally here! 🌸

It seems that the world it’s going crazy, but finally the spring is here. I really love this time of the year, flowers popping everywhere, the sun is shining but it’s not too strong and birds are singing (all happy) . The only bad thing is that my body doesn’t appreciate all the flowers. I have allergies and so many crisis this time of the year, that I look like I’m high most of the time. Does anyone relate to this picture as much as I do?


17 thoughts on “Spring is finally here! 🌸

  1. Bruh same! I’ve got a couple of allergies especially to pollens so I get a itchy throat ===> lameeeeeeee. Yeah but oh well, at least the environment is pretty! 😛

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      1. Oh I know. My bro and sis always had it. Not to be under estimated Hay Fever. The fun sounding name doesn’t help. They should make it something more sinister. Ear Nose n Throat Bloat, Spring Face Plague, Skulfuckitis. I hope you have some nice pills and airwave clearers.

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