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The frontier between love and manipulation is very thin – Part II

Identifying any patterns from the past and either releasing or forgiving if that’s necessary or needed,will free your spirit, make your heart sing and your attractiveness quotient through the roof.

The most important task is to flush out the negative beliefs, that have been sabotaging your relationships, and determine what you really want in your next relationship and why.

Look at your past relationships, explore what part of you played in their failure, how they started, and what you found attractive and unattractive in your partners and in the relationship. Identify any patterns, if you find any, please really examine what’s going on. Identify your needs, and what you do want your ideal relationship and why. Really try to get to the bottom of it, be real and honest about this.

Identify your ideal partner, what characteristics does your ideal partner have? What’s really important to you?

If you want to start attracting a partner who can bring you the kind of relationship you want, and you can! You need to be prepared, open and vulnerable. You need to take calculated risks and most important you have to learn to love and trust yourself.

Everyday you stay in an unfulfilling relationship, and is one more day you are not open to finding love and fulfillment!

The reality is that you cannot love another and nobody can love you, and I until you love and trust yourself. This also means being able to forgive yourself and others, and being able to laugh at yourself and accepting your mistakes and letting go. Don’t hold bad feelings.

Meeting people, flirting, dating, marriage is an essential and wonderful part of life, but when the chemistry is flowing, and the passion can overpower the reason, and sometimes it’s ok to experience that.



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