My diary

The frontier between love and manipulation is very thin – Part I 

The nature of a romantic relationship is very complex.

Women are more oral oriented and men are more action oriented. 

People enter in relationships for many different and complex reasons. One person’s goals could be finding their perfect soul mate and the other might be “sex  tonight”. Failure to recognize and understand each motives can often lead people to falling into a relationship and this is the main reason why relationships fail.

If we want to take control of our life’s and experience more fulfilling relationships we need to start managing this process. Once passion is running it’s way to late and we lose focus.

  • Stop repeating some old patterns
  • Take time for yourself to identify negative beliefs and patterns
  • Self improvement

We all need and want to be loved, but but there’s a huge difference between this and being needy for love. Neediness is a classic turn-off and is only likely to attract co-dependent and ineffectual relationships. By solving any inner issues that are blocking you from really loving and appreciating the person who you are, and you release yourself to become the best you can and in return you will attract healthy loving relationships. Even your friends will notice the difference. To achieve this, you will have to take time to understand who you really are and what you would really look for in a partner.

During this process, until you can honestly feel self love and self respect growing in you, and I It’s best to put romantic love on hold and just concentrate on yourself. Love will come soon enough when you are properly prepared and you’ll never have to ask “how do I know if he or she loves me”.



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