The pursuit of happiness

I’m on the pursuit of happiness – Live with purpose

Define your core values
When your goals line up with your core values, you pursue them with more passion, purpose and satisfaction. You should probably take a few minutes for this.  Think deeply about 20 things you value. For example, loyalty, creativity, adventure, autonomy, kindness, integrity, fun, freedom, etc. Now narrow your options to ten values. Once you’ve done that, narrow your core values down to five. Now check and make sure your goals line up with your values.



11 thoughts on “I’m on the pursuit of happiness – Live with purpose

  1. In my case, a few minutes will not cover it :D! But you are absolutely true, that you core values should guide you in life! Because only then you’ll be the best at what you do and be the happiest and best person you can be! xoxo Sarah

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    1. Knowing yourself and accept yourself is the key, after that you just have to line up everything.
      When you don’t know yourself or you don’t accept who you are it’s hard to be happy, Actually I think it’s impossible.

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      1. You are right. And sometimes it takes you a very long time to figure that out. For me, it is a scary feeling, to let go of all my control and embrace my whole being. Because it doesn’t fit in the vision of some people close to me. But then I guess, it’s probably because I need to educate them to respect me for who I am. But that’s a work in progress…

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      2. It depends in how you see it. I think it gives your more control. The more you know about yourself the better will be. Anything you don’t like you can try to improve, if thats not possible you just have to fall in love for yourself. It can save you some heartbreaks. We accept the love we think we deserve. The more you love yourself, these bulshit you will take. We don’t always have to agree what the others think, it shouldn’t matter that much, people just need to respect each other. My sister and I, for example, we don’t always agree but we respect each other’s opinions. Agree to disagree. If I don’t like some behavior, even if she doesn’t understand she will respect me enough to quit and I do the same. It works for us. Should always be like that in my opinion.

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      3. You’re right! Before you can stick up for yourself, you need to love yourself first! And for that it’s also important to know yourself… I sometimes feel like my heart wants to disagree when someone tells me I should do this or that, but I don’t always know why, it’s strange. I currently find it difficult to disagree without hurting someone’s feelings. But then again, they need to learn to respect my personal space and not spit comments without me asking for them…

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      4. I used to be like you, but I cannot be afraid of “hurting” someone who’s not afraid to hurt me. I thought to myself, telling someone how I feel about a certain thing it’s not hurting anyone. I don’t allow anyone to give an opinion about something in my life if I don’t ask for it. I don’t care how they feel about my reaction. I don’t do that so I want the same thing. They don’t know the reason behind my choices, sometimes we don’t even have opportunities to make a different choice, they cannot judge my choice. Well they can, but I don’t need to hear their bulshit. Most people that tend to do that, they’re not doing better choices, they try to escape their reality by messing with other people’s minds. If i ask I’m all ears, if not it’s either because I’m not ready to talk about it or i dont want to, people need to respect your boundaries. xxx

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