Hair routine – Cronogram Part 1

Beautiful hair adds some kind of personality to your image and naturally beautifies you. An attractive hairdo makes you the “eye candy” while, if there are visible dandruff flakes, you are certainly being eyed for a different reason.

Hydration? Nutrition? Reconstruction?

These are the three phases of the cronogram. The prime goal of the cronogram is to give everything that’s important to your hair and to make it healthier, stronger and shinier again. One thing does not work without the other, so we have to moisturize our hair to get it nourish and it has to be nurtured to be rebuilt.

Hydration should be done with a moisturizing mask, nutrition should be done through moisturizing or a nutritional property mask and the reconstruction can be done with keratin or through a reconstruction mask. Basically we just follow the order as indicated for our hair, it’s quite easy to do. It is a great technique for damaged hair as it really recovers the healthy appearance.


I’m very happy and impressed with the results i’m getting. Next week i’m going to explain how does that really work.



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