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My Blog Post schedule

Hello everyone!
I was struggling a little bit with the blog posts.  I basically didn’t had any plan for my posts, I was just doing it randomly. I though to myself today, it’s time to commit to my blog and it’s time to create my Blog Post schedule. It’s the easiest way to keep me focused and organized. What about you? Do you have a schedule or do you rather be spontaneous? Please let me know.

Blog SCH



7 thoughts on “My Blog Post schedule

  1. My first proper blog (doniwblogger) which I later deleted because I wanted to start fresh – I posted random stuff and later I thought maybe I should structure a bit because it feels so unstructured that I kind of got annoyed. So I decided to post specific things. That really helped me. With my current blog – I am hoping to post quotes and additionally articles, tips, competitions etc. 🙂
    Nice schedule – very organised!

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      1. Yeah sometimes you just want to post what you feeling like posting but then your schedule may not support this. Hope it is not that complicated!

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