The pursuit of happiness

I’m on the pursuit of happiness! – Show Unique Gratitude

This is a two-for-one happiness deal. One boost when you hit send and one when you get a reply. Yes, that means you should do it on the daily.
Pick someone in your life that you’re thankful for and tell him or her a specific reason why. This only works when you’re deliberate and and thoughtful about it. Take two to five minutes to write your text, email or letter now.



2 thoughts on “I’m on the pursuit of happiness! – Show Unique Gratitude

  1. I’m so sorry to hear what you have been through. Am I to understand that you and your husband have worked through the abuse or is this a new hue?sndbWhichaver the case I’m grateful to God for the work that He is doing in both of your lives.May God bless you richly.Joy – A Woman After God’s Own Heart

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    1. There’s people that go through so much worst I can’t really complain that much, but I’m grateful for the people that truly helped me and support me no matter what. I don’t consider abuse in my case, it’s just how life goes sometimes ❤️
      I’m not married yet, but we live together. Thank you for taking time to write this sweet message to me.


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