I just burned my hair! What can I do??

I don’t even know how to say this without sounding ridiculous, but a couple of weeks ago I’ve burned my hair. It was an accident obviously, it was dark I had all the lights off, apart from a candle and the TV. I was trying to get something that felt on the floor and all of the sudden all I could see was the flames coming from my hair. I was so shocked that I didn’t even panic. Soon as I put out the fire I started to think how my hair looked and I started to pray, cause my hair is really long and I really didn’t want to cut it all. It was bad, but I was glad that I didn’t burn my face or my eyelashes. I think what really helped it was the fact that I had a shower a bit earlier and my hair was still drying. All I could think was that I just burned my hair. What can I do??
I was searching for a natural solutions just before I had to do something more dramatic and I’ve I came across this: Apple cider vinegar
It’s supposed to : Balance Hair & Sebum pH , Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Properties, Cleansing and Clarifying , Add Natural Body & Define Curls, Detangle, Reduce Frizz, Add Shine, Reduce Porosity of the Hair, Stimulate Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Loss, Prevent Split Ends & Breakage.


I decided to give a go and it really paid off!!! My hair is shinier than ever, I don’t have split ends, you can’t really tell that my hair was on fire a few weeks ago. Definitely recommend it to everyone I know. I usually mix it with my hair mask (in equal parts) and I pour a little bit more directly in my hair. I massage it and wait around 45 minutes to rinse my hair. After that I use an organic Moroccan argan oil serum (Dr organic) to give me an extra help. 


6 thoughts on “I just burned my hair! What can I do??

  1. muitos queridos sinceros agradecimentos por sua visita, ele tem anteriormente, eu li o seu post e eu pensei que o tempo de espera pode ajudar se alguém me mudar muito satisfeitos,, ,, mas não é difícil para um Harr-marca que espero precisam de umidade e quase nenhum calor nenhum divertimento ou Andren calor e óleos com um bom número de óleos. + Aluviera suco também pode ajudar muito .würde também muuuito muita umidade e óleo tentativa. O melhor azeite. kur Este é o mais abundante de tudo o melhor que eu gostaria que você,,, se

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