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I have a little confession to make: I’M TERRIFIED OF FLYING.


The weird thing is that I get all excited soon as I book my flight, all of a sudden, a week before I start noticing plane accidents, I start having nightmares, after that I have insomnia, the night before my flight is the worse usually I can’t sleep at all. Every single time is the exact same thing! Flying gives me a lot of anxiety. I white-knuckle grip the armrest at least when the airplane takes off and lands! I know I’m not alone a lot of people are afraid of flying. I don’t really know why I feel like this, but it can be very embarrassing sometimes. I love roller coasters and ironically I want to try skydiving. I never had a bad experience during any of my flights. So is not a rational thing. I’ve been abble to control it a little bit more now. I used to play some music or read a book or watch something fun, but that didn’t really helped me anyways, what’s working for me is flying with comfortable clothes and shoes and no makeup (god I look a mess ahah) I usually try to sleep during all my flight, So I avoid caffeine. I like the extra large seats and if you use the ones near the emergency exit you’re most likely are going to fly without anyone on your side. Most people that are afraid of flying hate that seat, but I think it’s the best seat. I hate feeling trapped and if i’m closer to the exit i’m going to probably be the first person to leave the plane in case of an emergency.

It might take me a while to get over my fear of flying, but at the moment I don’t let it control me and I’m managing to feel a little bit less stressed. I try to think about positive things (like what I’m going to do soon as I land) right before I get inside the plane.




  1. Girl, your reason to be terrified is completely fine! Don’t be embarassed! We all have different fears but going on a plane is a common fear I think because we may come across the thought of crashing in a plane especially when plane crashes are popular these days in the news! It is likely to be a fear everyone has. So don’t feel alone! I had that feeling when I last went overseas LOOOOL I guess it is hard to avoid the thoughts especially when your thoughts take over the positive attitutude! Last time I was technically using the small tv in front of me and I didn’t think about the plane disaster stuff but that’s me, I guess I was so unobservant of my surroundings as I was absorbed in the TV! Maybe to help you pass this stressful stage at the plane, try to meditate before you go to the airport. I recommend the kindness/metta meditation 🙂 All the best, my friend!

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    1. Well it’s the only time you have no control of what’s going on (we’ll that’s not true, basically we don’t control anything 😂), but it’s just scarier. They need to stop with ne news about planes falling down. Two days ago, one small plane felt in Portugal in the back of a supermarket 😕 I was like Wtf?? Now I will hate trips to the supermarket.


      1. NEWS is like a parasite, it eats you! LOL so true! We can’t control anything haha but we can control the way we react to things which is obviously not easy! I am currently failing ehhehehe Hopefully you don’t hear any of those mayhem when you go overseas for the next time! ❤

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      2. I can hardly control my reactions to things 😂😂😂 I try so hard, but my face just says it all. I never traveled that far, but if I find the courage to do that I’ll say something about it

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    1. A few trips I took the bus 🙈 for example when I go to Germany cause it takes me an hour to get there. And inside Switzerland I take the train, the same happens in Portugal. Every single time i have to fly I don’t sleep the night before and usually I experience some stomach problems, maybe one day I’ll overcome it 🙈 I basically need to if I want to fly outside of Europe

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      1. Yes, but it’s OK if I don’t cause it doesn’t stop me from living my life. That’s how I roll 😊 even if it’s scary I do it anyways, doesn’t matter what it is. Sagittarius are rebels 💙

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