Baden, Switzerland

Baden is a municipality in the canton of Aargau. The city is located 21 miles northwest of Zürich and has about 100,000 inhabitants, is the third most populous municipality in the canton of Aarau.

OMG Baden is gorgeous! This city has a lot of history . The monuments and buildings as you can see are breath-taking. I had a lot of fun and I felt in love with the old part of the city. The river you can see in the pictures it’s called Limmat. The river commences at the outfall of Lake Zürich, in the southern part of the city of Zurich. From Zurich it flows in a northwesterly direction, after 35 km reaching the river Aare. The confluence is located north of the small town of Brugg and shortly after the mouth of the Reuss.

You’ll be able to find cute bars in Baden, also Manor (it’s like a small shopping) that you can get a lot of souvenirs, they usually have a few offers and sales. You can have a nice meal in a restaurant with a terrace and enjoy the view and fresh air.
you have the Casino if you feel like gambling. You have the kids museum or the Teddybär Museum. You can also climb the stairs and visit the Ruine Stein. I’m going to try that next time I’m in Baden.

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21 thoughts on “Baden, Switzerland

  1. Beautiful photos especially the one showing the lake. I may have passed this place so next time which is in a few months I hope to come and visit these places you mentioned. 🙂 Perhaps we could meet too if you are keen. Cheers!

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