How to grow bulky and longer eyelashes (natural way)

I’ve tried to use extensions on my eyelashes and I didn’t particularly like the experience. So I did a little research, because every girl wants to have bulky eyelashes and I’ve came across this product.

I use this oil every single night on my eyelashes and in the next morning I wash my face with warm water and that’s it. If you do this in one-two months you will be abble to see a big improvement. It takes a bit longer for you to get results, because it’s a natural product.
This oil it’s amazing, it can also help you grow your hair faster and stronger, prevents the split ends and makes your nails stronger. It’s very hydrating, but I wouldn’t use it to hydrate my skin, because I don’t want the little hairs that cover all my body to get stronger and stronger (honestly it’s the other way around). If you can’t find this, get castor oil it works exact the same way. Hope you like this tip, if you try this out please let me know. ♥



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