I’m felling homesick today


Nostalgia knocked on my door today. I’m felling homesick … It has been a little bit over two years since I decided to emigrate, I do not regret my choice on the contrary, but sometimes I miss everything that can be missed. Luckily I have the support from my boyfriend. We talk a lot and he gives me a lot of affection and attention. In these days, I usually watch a few videos and photos. I tend to call a few of my closest friends on Skype. There’s an amazing Facebook page that never disappoints me: LISBOA Live. Gorgeous pictures! For those who are feeling a little bit like me or even if you never visited Lisbon take a peek at this page. It has beautiful photos, it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Because sometimes it’s just impossible not to miss home specially when home looks like this…




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