Beauty benefits of coconut oil


I just found out this photo and it’s amazing what you can do with coconut oil. I wanted to share this information with you



6 thoughts on “Beauty benefits of coconut oil

      1. I have had my share of such things. Beer, coconut, mushrooms, tomatoes, nuts, garlic, olives, Cadbury’s Fruit n Nut bars. I could go on.

        Some things I will never like though are pineapple, blue cheese, beetroot, gin and Marmite.

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      2. I love beetroot and almost everyone I know hate it, but it’s good for your health packed with iron. I use it in salads it he Vinagre you can barely taste it. Blue cheese just sucks 😂 I usually don’t drink alcohol at all, but from time to time I like my Corona 😆😆😆

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