Bebe 3 in 1 Repair Balm Smoothie Lip Balm – Review


I have a lot of lip balms and I’ve been a bit desperate to get one that would save my lips. The cold weather combined with my addiction to matte lipsticks (yeah I admit any color as long it’s matte it’s good for me) that completely destroyed my lips. They were so dry to the point it was painful to smile or eat. It was really that bad. So I was just shopping for some makeup in my trip to Konstanz a few days ago, when I came across this lip balm. I discovered that this product was launched December last year (2016).
This lip balm contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and argan oil.
Soon as I read this I knew I had to get it and I’m glad I did, because it’s the best I’ve tried till so far. In a few hours, my lips where completely repaired. No signs of any damage. It really instantly soothes the pungent, dry feeling, nourishes and repairs rough lips and protects the lips from any external influences either wind or cold.
The best part of all is the smell of freshly baked cakes!  I’M VERY HAPPY AND PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!!!




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