Konstanz, Germany



I really enjoyed my spontaneous trip to Konstanz, in Germany. I recommend you visit this city during the summer, cause during winter it can get a bit foggy and it’s harder to enjoy the amazing view.
Konstanz It’s a beautiful city situated on the border of Germany to the north, Austria to the east and Switzerland to the south. This city is the largest town on Lake Constance and an important cultural center with an active theatrical and musical scene. Prominent among its many beautiful old buildings is Konstanz Minster. The oldest part of the city is simply breathtaking.

10 things to do in Konstanz

  1. Catch the medieval spirit of the city and visit Konstanz Minster and the Old Town
  2. Make sure you check  the 45 hectar Mainau Island 
  3. Check out the Nature Reserves: Wollmatinger Ried-Untersee-Gnadensee
  4. You are going to find Culinary delights in Allgäu – The Uplands of Lake Constance (Allgäu is known as the cheese region of Germany)
  5. Take a walk in Konstanz Harbor to enjoy the view and relax 
  6. The Lake Constance Trail (Bodensee-Rundwanderweg) it’s perfect if you’re into hiking 
  7. Get to know the city’s history for free at the Rosgartenmuseum
  8. Catch the medieval spirit of the city
  9. Exploring Lake Constance by boat
  10. The Shopping Lago it’s a great choice if you want to get a few things, but don’t forget to check out the street stores



7 thoughts on “Konstanz, Germany

      1. It’s cool you felt it. It’s been a port for thousands of years and a way station for people crossing the Alps. For centuries there was a very powerful bishop there also. Jan Hus — among other dark stories — was tried and condemned there for heresy and burned in the 14th century. It’s probably a bottomless pit of dark stories. During WW II the city left on its lights so the Allies would think it was Switzerland. Anyway, I hope to go back someday because it was fascinating.

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