Garnier skin active hydra bomb new moisturizing mask – Review


The western beauty industry reacts to the increasing interest in asian cosmetic brands by adapting some of their products. 
It’s not a secret that everyone want their skin to look perfect all the time that’s why more and more people are starting to take a closer look to the Asian skincare routine.
Garnier  launched a sheet mask as part of it’s Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb line and I decided to try this one out…I was especially excited to try it, simply because I never tried sheet masks.

This one I picked as a deeply moisturizing and refreshing mask containing pomegranates and hyaluronic acid. It claims to be as effective as one week of skin care and make the skin feel supple, refreshed, brightened and hydrated afterwards. It also claims to smoothen the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
It also has a thorough description on the backside alongside with some illustrations on how to use the mask. Just make sure you follow the instructions. The Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb Sheet Mask I showed here is suited for all skin types.
The cotton sheet is rather thick and soaked fully and heavily, but doesn’t drip. I found the mask has enough essence to keep it on your face for even longer than the recommended 15 minutes and I’m going to try to use it more than once. It is moisturizing and hydrating and refreshing upon application. If you wake up looking a bit Swollen just put your mask in the fridge before you use it and the effect will be even more cooling.
I was very happy it the results, my skin felt smooth and refreshed. I had difficulties to put on the mask, but maybe it’s because I never tried a sheet mask or maybe it’s because I’m Clumsy. overall I really liked the mask. You can still feel the effect the day after you used the mask ( I don’t know if it
s because I used before I went to bed). I’m definitely going to try out more types of sheet masks.




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