That question has a simple answer. Usually I start my day drinking coffee with no sugar (off course), sometimes with a little bit of cinnamon. Some people add coconut oil and hot pepper Why? Cause it keeps me warm, wakes me up and basically helps me with my Intermittent fasting.

I’m going to give you 6 pros and 6 cons about drinking coffee. Simply because Coffee has been both praised and mocked for centuries. It has been blamed to cause impotence and madness, other times a cure for laziness or “gift from heaven”.
My final thoughts it’s that drinking reasonable amounts of coffee should be good for the health. However, those with high cholesterol, pregnant women and other people with different health issues should pay attention to the impact of caffeine to their body.

6 pros 

  1.  Boosts your physical performance 

  2. Coffee may help you lose weight and burn fat 

  3.  Helps you focus and stay alert

  4.  Coffee protects your body 

  5.  Protects your brain

  6.  Coffee brightens your mood, helps fight depression and lowers risk of suicide

6 cons 

  1. Toxicity in Bad Quality Coffee

  2. Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness 

  3. It’s An Addictive Stimulant

  4. Can Stain Teeth 

  5. If you have high cholesterol please choose filtered coffee

  6. Pregnant Women Should Avoid Coffee 


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